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A new three-hour online training course about the European House Borer has been launched. The Department of Agriculture and Food via the European House Borer program and Challenger Institute of Technology have designed the course. It will provide pest controllers and any other person who might be interested with extensive knowledge of this destructive pest.

To enrol call Challenger Institute of Technology's commercial course coordinator directly on 08 9229 8432 or email

European House Borer (EHB) is a serious pest of untreated dry softwood, including pinewood. Without appropriate action, EHB has the potential to infest homes built with untreated pinewood structural timber.

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EHB has been found only in the Perth metropolitan area, with the exception of one find in Albany. EHB infestation has been discovered in one Perth home.

EHB was first detected in Western Australia in 2004. Following the discovery, immediate Government action was taken to determine the extent of EHB infestation, and to prevent further spread. The result has been a reduction in EHB populations in affected areas, and containment of the pest to defined Perth locations.

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Education and awareness will continue to ensure that all Western Australians know how to identify EHB, and take appropriate precautions against infestation.

Community and industry self-management, as is undertaken with other pests in Western Australia, will play an important role in containing EHB, and reducing its potential to infest Western Australian homes.



Report any suspected EHB sightings to the free call Hotline on 1800 084 881.



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Download a sound file to listen to the sound of EHB crunching wood ... Download sound file

Call 1800 084 881 to report suspected EHB sightings

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